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Call Aerotect, your source for vehicle wraps and paint protection film in Los Angeles, CA. Help protect your vehicle's paint finish from harsh conditions. Rocks, sand, debris and bug acids eat away at your car’s paint. Paint Protection Film helps you protect your finish. We provide a large selection of products from 3M to help you in this endeavor. We offer paint protection film, vehicle wraps, clear bra, paint defender, matte wrap and we even offer 3M Training. Aerotect will install these protective products on your vehicle as well. We proudly serve residents in and around Los Angeles County, including the San Fernando Valley. Our services are perfect for anyone in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burbank, Long Beach and all the way up to Santa Clarita and Lancaster. Call Aerotect today!

Clear Bra Film Kit

Stone chips causing havoc to your vehicle’s paint job is inevitable. Fortunately, with a clear bra film kit, you can stop this. The paint job on your vehicle doesn’t have to be ruined when you decide on the protection of a clear bra film kit

Also known as an auto paint protection film, a clear bra film kit is practically invisible and will protect your car’s paint job from road hazards that are inevitable part of driving. Stone chips are one of the biggest nuisances on the road, and they will quickly ruin the paint on your hood. With a clear bra film kit, damage to your vehicle is taken by the clear bra rather than your paint job. 

Easily and quickly applied to any vehicle, a clear bra kit can be installed on any part of the vehicle. If you want to stop stone chips from damaging your vehicle, it would be wise to apply the film to the hood of your car. For extra protection a clear bra film kit could be added to your door panel and front and rear bumpers.

Clear bra film kits will not cause any damage to your vehicle, but will rather keep the value of your vehicle from depreciating. The clear bra is easy to remove and when taken off of your vehicle, it will take all the damage from the stone chips with it. With a clear bra film kit your car will retain its original radiance and stay looking good for a lifetime.

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